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Table of Contents

  Creating a New Project

  Test Suite Overview

  Design Area

  Test Flow

  Assets and Resources

  Data Driven Testing


Creating a New Project

1.  Within Visual Studio, click File > New > Project... to launch the New Project window

2.   In the New Project Window, expand the Installed Templates tree and select Visual C#

3.   Scroll down and select the either the LegiTest Project MSTest or NUnit Test template

Important Note:

By default, NUnit tests are not displayed within Visual Studio's Test Explorer. If using the LegiTest NUnit template, the NUnit Test Adapter extension is also required. Users can install the NUnit Test Adapter using Visual Studio's "Extensions and Updates" window. Once installed, users must restart Visual Studio to display LegiTest NUnit tests.

4.   Provide a meaningful name for the LegiTest Project and then click OK

Test Suite Overview

1.   Design Area: The building blocks of a LegiTest Stuite are its test elements. Each test element has a different category that help summarize their function within a test. While the category describes an element's function, each element is one of three types:

1.   Actions: Used to perform a single function within the test

2.   Asserts: Used to verify the results of a test

3.   Assets: Contain reusable pieces of information used by other elements within the test.

2.Test Flow: LegiTest organizes all test elements for a Test Suite into three scopes:

1.   Test Suite Level: Contains all assets used across the entire test suite

2.   Group Level: Contains only elements and steps used across all tests within for a group

3.   Test Level: Contains only elements and steps unique to a single test