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Can Task Factory be used with Azure?

Yes, Task Factory components can be used with Azure databases. Users should note, however, that Upsert Destination, Fact Table Destination, Update Batch, and Delete Batch all use SqlBulkCopy for speed purposes and there is a known bug (within Azure) where SqlBulkCopy tries to access 'tempdb..sp_tablecollations_100 which does not exist in Azure database:

Because of this limitation, Task Factory uses “temporary” Permanent tables. These tables will be created during the Pre-Exection phase and destroyed after the last buffer has been received by the component.

If, for any reason, the processing fails, this could lead to an orphaned table being left on your database. Task Factory will handle the errors and try to destroy the table before the exception is reported to SSIS but, in a catastrophic situation, this could lead to the orphaned table being left behind or remaining on the database.