Configuration Files

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Configuration Files

Users can choose to create or select a configuration file to aid them in configuring their OAuth2 connection manager. (Click here to view our current list of config files.)

Step one: Click the ellipsis to open the file explorer. Navigate to the .config file and click OK.

Step two: The OAuth2 Token Getter window will open. In this window, users should provide the RedirectUrl, ClientId, and Client Secret configured within your Rest application. After clicking "Get Access Token," the window will expand and the user will be prompted to enter their application's credentials. Additionally, users may be prompted to allow or deny access to the application.

Step 3: After permission is granted, the OAuth2 Token Getter window will close and the Refresh Token tab will be populated with the required information. Below is an example of Google Analytics. (The actual Refresh Token has been deleted for security.)

Step 4: Users can close the connection manager by pressing OK.