Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics CRM Source

The Dynamics CRM Source reads data from the entities in a Microsoft Dynamics Server. See the Dynamics CRM Connection Manager page to learn more about setting up the connection manager. Task Factory currently supports the following versions of Dynamics CRM: 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016.

 Connection - Create or select a connection manage for the Dynamics CRM server.

 Dynamics Entity - Displays a list of entities form which the source can read.

 Batch Size  - The Batch Size field determines the number of rows that will be retrieved during a single round trip to the Dynamics server. The default value is 500.

 Get Changes - Toggle for users to track changes/updates for synchronization. (Filters cannot be used when selecting this option.) For more information, please see our Change Tracking page.

 Tracking Token Variable - Identifies the variable that stores the (required) change.

 Choose Columns - Once an entity is selected, the available columns are displayed. Columns can be ignored by unchecking the corresponding box in the "Include in Output" column.

 Filter & Preview Rows - Filters can be set so that users can get specific data. Click the add icon and then choose the parameters and add user defined values.