SCD2 Date Handling Tab

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SCD2 Date Handling Tab

In the SCD2 Date Handling tab, users are given a variety of options for handling SCD2 dates including:

 Assigning "now" and "expiry" to system or user-created variables

 The ability to select a granularity that ranges from day to millisecond (whose precision is also configurable)

 The ability to define a fixed-input expiry date

*Note: users should pay careful attention to the example located to the right of the last record's expiry date. If the expiry column located in your dimension does not match the format of the example, this can cause unchanged rows to be sent to the "New" output due to the mismatch. (For example: setting the granularity to millisecond with a last record's expiry date set to MS SQL DateTime Max requires a datetime entry of 9999/12/31 23:59:59.997. If a developer mistakenly uses .999, this will cause a mismatch and send unchanged records to the "New" output.)