Execution Dashboard

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Execution Dashboard

Information Provided

  Running packages (Last N days/weeks/months)

  Completed packages (Last N days/weeks/months)

  Top 20 slowest packages (Last 90 days)

  Top 20 fastest packages (Last 90 days)

  Top 20 minimum used packages (Last 90 days)

  Top 20 maximum used packages (Last 90 days)

  Data extract summary (Last N days/weeks/months)

  Data load summary (Last N days/weeks/months)

  Where Last "N" days/weeks/months can be changed by specifying interval parameter.

When you open the execution dashboard you will be shown by default a report for the last 60 days. However, you can change this to whatever parameters you prefer by clicking the drop down arrow to the right of the "View Report" button.

Clicking that will open up the Report Parameters section. Here you can change any of the parameters you wish to alter your monitoring report.