Variables Toolbar Extension

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Variable Toolbar Extension

Toolbar Features

BI xPress Variable toolbar extension has 4 unique features. If you don't see the variables toolbar extension buttons even though BI xPress add-in is loaded, then just click on variable name once and it will appear.

When you launch variable copy/move dialog box it automatically checks items based on selected variables in the BIDS Variables Grid.

 Variable Copy/Move, Change scope

To copy or move variables click on "Move/Copy Variables" icon (Found on the variable toolbar) to Variable Copy/Move dialog box.

 New Value/Expression Editor
If you have ever tried to assign multi-lines text to variable then you know it is not easy to do in BIDS. With this version you can do it with "Single click. 

Click on "Edit Variable" icon (Found on the variable toolbar) to launch value editor. Check "Evaluate As Expression" option to switch to expression mode to show the expression editor.

 Expression Manager

Expression manager button launches a new dialog box where you can view and organize SSIS expressions.

 Variable Dependency Scanner/Find Unused Variables
Variable dependency scanner find places where selected variables are used. Variables can be used in control flow, Data Flow or anywhere inside event handler. Variable Dependency Scanner finds variable usage in the following location.




  Log Providers


  Event Handlers

  Precedence constraints


Using this feature you can also detect unused variables. When you click this option you can select "scan only selected variables" or" all variables" as below.

You can rename or delete unused variables with a single click using this feature. Click on Rename Selected Variables to rename checked variables under the "Unused Variables" node. Click on Delete Selected Variables to delete checked variables under "Unused Variables" node.