SSIS Logging - Execution ControlFlow Diagram

Package execution controlflow diagram is real-time dashboard of your SSIS package activity. Here is the list of features of ControlFlow diagram.

To start monitoring executions in diagram mode. You can select "Execution ControlFlow Diagram" from the report drop down and click on view report or simply click on the "Start >>" button found on the controlflow tab when you launch the report viewer application. You can also view package diagram from the following reports

Recent Executions
Running Packages
SSIS Execution Dashboard
Extract/Load Detail

  1. Visually monitor SSIS package progress in real-time. You can monitor local or remote packages as long as they have auditing framework applied.
  2. Completed/running task runtime and package runtime
  3. Extracted/Loaded row count (applicable to DataFlow)
  4. Real-time ForEach Loop iteration value
  5. Real-time DataFlow Progress with Rowcount and Runtime for individual component (See DataFlow tab)
  6. Real-time variable changes
  7. User Account under which package was executed
  8. Machine Name 
  9. Zoom and Scroll diagram
  10. Real-time errors/warning of selected package execution

See SSIS Monitoring Console topic for more information about Control Flow Diagram

Figure 1: Real-time package execution monitoring (ControlFlow Diagram).

Figure 2: DataFlow monitoring UI.

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