Provider Capabilities

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What features are available for each of the providers?

Best Practices

BI Compare



Data Dictionary

Additional Notes

Custom Metadata Import




Hive Server



Hive Server provider works against HDP 2.0 and above


PowerCenter Repository



Informatica PowerCenter Repository provider works against the Informatica PowerCenter Repository 9.1.0 and above

Oracle Database



Oracle Database provider works against Oracle Databases 12c and above

SQL Server

SQL Server provider works against SQL Server 2005 and above when connecting to both SQL Server On-Premises and Azure Instances

SSAS Server

SSAS provider works against SSAS 2005 and above when connecting to a Multidimensional Instances and SSAS 2012 and above when connecting to a Tabular Instances. In order to connect to Azure Analysis Services, users will need to download and install the latest Microsoft Analysis Services Client Libraries.

SSIS Package

SSIS provider works against SSIS 2005 and above when connecting to the File System, SQL Server, SSIS Package Store and SSIS 2012 and above when connecting to the SSIS Catalog

Important Note:

Pragmatic Workbench (32-bit) must be used when using the SSIS Package provider on a machine that only contains SSDT for Visual Studio 2015.

SSRS Report

SSRS provider works against SSRS 2005 and above when connecting to the File System and SSRS 2008 R2 and above when connecting to the Native or SharePoint Web Service

Important Note:

KPIs are currently not supported when connecting to an SSRS 2016 or above Report Server

Tableau Server




Tableau provider works against Tableau Servers with REST API enabled with the following API Versions: 2.3, 2.2, 2.1 and 2.0

a Best Practices rules can be analyzed for the marked provider(s) once the user has created User Defined Best Practices

b Documentation sets generated from the marked provider(s) do not contain a unique structure and instead use a common layout

c Data Dictionary categories can be applied to the marked provider(s) once custom paths have been created

d Tableau Lineage Analysis only supports SQL Server Data Sources