Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workbench Server Frequently Asked Questions

  Managing Your Workbench Server Server through Administration

  How do I activate or upgrade my installation of Workbench Server?

  How do I configure a custom user accessible URL for use with Workbench Server?

  How do I deactivate my installation of Workbench Server?

  How do I manage my user account information?

  What are the system requirements for Workbench Server to work properly?

  Workbench Server Multi-domain Considerations

DOC xPress Server Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I customize the way my documentation looks?

  Installing the DOC xPress Server database(s) to an AlwaysOn High Availability Group

  What are the DOC xPress Server trial limitations?

  Where can I find a list of the supported Structure Maps that are included with my installation?

  Why can't I view the CHM files created by my DOC xPress Server?