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Once a Remote Agent has been setup, it is ready to be configured through DOC xPress Server.

1.   From the DOC xPress Server home page, click the Settings icon located at the upper right corner and the click the "Remote Agent" button from the drop-down menu

2.   From within the Remote Agent Configuration window, select a remote agent from the drop-down window

Important Note:

By default, a newly installed remote agent will have the following name, where "%MachineName%" is the name of the machine that the remote agent was installed on:

%MachineName% - Untitled Agent

3.  Once a remote agent has been selected, the agent details will be populated as well as scan configurations

1.   Agent Name: The name of the remote agent. This property can be edited to something more meaningful than "Untitled Agent"

2.   Machine Name: The machine that the remote agent is installed on

3.   Registered Date: The date that the Remote agent was installed and registered to the DOC xPress Server

4.   Scan Configuration: A detailed tree-view list of solutions and solution items saved within the DOC xPress Server Storage.

Remote Agents can scan entire solutions by checking the solution's checkbox or individual solution items can be added by expanding the solution and checking each individual solution item that you wish to be scanned.